As an authorised reseller of Flowrox pumps, we provide a comprehensive range of pumps in all shapes and sizes for all conceivable applications. We also offer highly specific pump solutions such as unique peristaltic tube pumps and eccentric worm pumps. We supply, install and maintain all of the Flowrox pumps in our range, we give solid advice and we can also repair and optimise your existing pumps.

Industrial Flowrox pumps are used in a vast range of sectors, particularly for situations in which continuity of the pumping process must be guaranteed. For over 40 years, Flowrox pumps have delivered effective solutions in the most heavy-duty environments. Where other pumps would fail, Flowrox maintains a smooth, steady flow. They are resistant to corrosion and capable of effortlessly pumping heavily contaminated fluids with a high concentration of solid particles (up to 80%), including high-viscosity media and crystallising fluids.

The smart single roller design guarantees savings on your operational and energy costs compared to most pumps created by other manufacturers. The single roller design prevents friction, heat build-up and overheating, even in the event of full and continuous use. As the only component that effectively comes into contact with the ‘fluid’ is the wear-resistant tube, the Flowrox is very low maintenance and it is rare for any other components to require replacement. If you every require new tubing, we always have it in stock and it’s easily replaceable.

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