We repair rotating equipment of all brands, models and sizes for industrial firms both large and small. including centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, magnetic drive pumps, turbines, rotating compressors, mixers and fans. Maintenance must be made-to-measure and extremely precise, as only 100% effective service can provide the flawless operations that are so vital to our sectors.

Maintenance and independent advice is all about determining how this can best be organised. Our firm conviction is that maintenance should be high on the agenda of every serious organisation.

When firms see it as a side issue and are content just to put out fires -known as firefighting mode- they simply haven’t grasped how urgent it is. Effective maintenance boosts safety and minimises breakdowns, so it pays for itself many times over. In our industry, firefighting is not an option and above all, it’s simply not our style.

We are the perfect partner for corrective maintenance and your expert troubleshooters whenever it is needed, although we ideally prefer to prevent the problems from occurring based on carefully planned preventive maintenance. We guide our clients in the transition from corrective to preventive maintenance and then from preventive to predictive maintenance.

Countless sensors that generate information, such as vibration metres, are being implemented into more and more types of equipment.

By combining an extensive variety of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, sensor information and all kinds of other available data with traditional visual inspections, we generate extremely valuable input and can identify, anticipate and predict defects before they manifest themselves.

The key challenge is therefore to convert this tsunami of data into useful information based on which we can take effective action. Prevention is much better than cure as it makes the entire maintenance process far more manageable, it greatly increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and of course, it boosts both productivity and safety. To achieve this goal, we provide 24/7 assistance and can provide exactly the input and information you require.

Our decades of experience mean we can take you to where you want to go via a logical series of steps. For example, we could conduct an assessment of your entire premises that identifies critical equipment and filters out ‘bad actors’. In addition to a thorough oiling and lubrication plan, we can also conduct day-to-day maintenance and use our expertise to optimise the performance of your equipment, regardless of the brand.

For this purpose, we make use of vibration meters. All data generated will be digitally recorded and analysed and the analysis results will be reported to you on a weekly basis, enabling you to update your plans.

The ultimate goal of our collaboration is to ensure your plant performs optimally and your returns are structurally maximised.

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