Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance avoids delays, unplanned downtime and accidents. Preventive maintenance is not a one-off activity, it is a scheduled and recurring type of maintenance that ties in with a carefully formulated maintenance strategy agreed between ourselves and you. This strategy identifies and logs all critical assets so you know in advance which services will be provided. This includes the lubrication programme that we provide on behalf of our partner SKF.

Every activity performed will be digitally logged and this log book information can be consulted later. This log book is a living document that serves as a guide for future activities.

Upon performance of repairs, we provide an inspection report (which is incorporated into the log book) and a damage and/or wear analysis can serve as an important indicator of effective preventive maintenance. We also prefer to make use of all available asset information generated by sensors etc. to enable comparison of such measurement data, based on which we can adjust and optimise the maintenance strategy in line with any fluctuating machine performance.

Of course, to the greatest extent possible, we try to conduct the preventive maintenance during moments at which the machine is not required to function, e.g. during a scheduled turnaround. In all cases, we strive to keep the necessary downtime to an absolute minimum.

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