Maintenance, Repair and Renovation

With everything there is to know about rotating equipment under one roof, we are your perfect partner for preventive and corrective maintenance and your expert troubleshooter whenever you need it. We will guide you in the transition from corrective to preventive maintenance and then from preventive to predictive maintenance.


We are a suppler and service partner of premium products like mechanical seals, valves and pumps and we love to go the extra mile.

If older replacement parts have gone out of production, we can fabricate them in-house in exact accordance with the specifications.

ADvanced solutions

Together with our technological partners, we focus on issues relating to sustainability, maintenance, excellence and workflow solutions. These are highly innovative applications that facilitate efficiency, knowledge retention and monitoring of procedures focusing on quality and safety.

Maintenance, Repair and revision

24/7 service, repair, revision, advice
and online monitoring


Our solution-oriented working methods ensure solid advice and highly effective standard
and customised solutions.

Advanced solutions

Innovative and high-tech solutions and concrete products that boost efficiency and
reduce energy consumption.

Rotary industry group

Rotary Industry Group is your first point of contact for maintenance jobs, rotating services, machining, and delivery of rotating equipment and parts. With our warehouse  and service centers in Brielle as our base of operations, we deliver, assemble, refurbish, and maintain all brand independent and all types of rotating equipment. We are your partner for mechanical seals, valves, pumps, turbines, mixers and fans.


To keep their wheels turning, factories need a partner that knows exactly what they are doing. After all, unexpected shutdowns can be extremely costly.

First line maintenance Excellent service At all times


and revision

and engineering

Seal refurbishment



We are an exclusive service partner and supplier of premium brand products serving the Benelux and Europe. You deserve the best of the best.

Predictive Maintenance

Energy conservation &
CO2 recuction

Water treatment solutions


Advanced solutions

Highly innovative smart solutions and concrete products that facilitate efficiency, knowledge retention and monitoring of procedures focusing on quality and safety.

Predictive Maintenance

Energie &
CO2 besparing

Watertreatment solutions

Asset operational lifecycle

Advanced solutions

Slimme oplossingen en concrete producten die bijdragen aan de efficiency, kennisborging en het bewaken van procedures in relatie tot kwaliteit
en veiligheid.

Rotary Trading Company (RTC)

Specialist in mechanical seals, various types of valve and pumps for all applications in a wide variety of sectors. We renovate all brands and models of mechanical seals and use our online tracking and reporting system to closely monitor seal-failure trends, enabling us to issue proactive advice.

RTC offers a variety of revolutionary solutions in the fields of energy, sustainability, IIoT and Advanced Solutions.

Rotary Equipment Service (RES)

We renovate and maintain all brands and models of pumps, turbines, mixers and fans. It’s what we do!

Our machining experts can rapidly produce a wide range of complex components and spare parts via reverse engineering.
We do everything on location: primary maintenance, turnarounds, lubrication maintenance. Corrective, preventive and predictive: Advanced Solutions.