Smart Solutions

In the event of repairs, we provide an inspection report. We also provide damage or wear recommendations that serve as guidelines for targeted maintenance to extend the lifespan/useful life of your equipment. Archiving and monitoring equipment service life can help further boost returns on investment.

Inspections are still important, although modern monitoring is about more than just what you can see, hear and smell. If desired, we can monitor all of your rotary equipment and -as explained in the predictive maintenance section- log all available data. This data will then be refined into usable information and analysed by our experts. Based on any identified defects or anomalies, we will provide advice about any necessary activities and the order in which they will be carried out. This will ensure optimally safe and productive business operations.

Flowrox Digital Services is a new way of combining your process and the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). Digital services provide real-time site information via the Flowrox Malibu™ online portal. Remote access enables you to manage, measure, analyse and compare your processes and equipment from anywhere you choose.

The real-time site information enables optimised production, maximum output and minimum downtime. Flowrox Digital Services IIoT-technology can be integrated into all existing process equipment and operating systems and is fully compatible with third-party equipment. It is not intended as a replacement for current systems such as DCS and SCADA. Smart valves, smart pumps and smart filters are next-generation data provision solutions that enable reliable and cost-efficient production.

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