Advanced solutions

We love a challenge, as this forces us to think out of the box and get the best out of ourselves. Together with our technological partners, we focus on issues relating to sustainability, maintenance, excellence and workflow solutions. Everything starts with a bright idea. Our knowledge of current and future needs in the sector allows us to develop innovative applications by combining a vast range of technology such as robotics, computer and sensor technology to produce smart products. In our eyes, standard solutions often fall short and we go further by looking over the horizon.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is all about smart maintenance planning and preventing unexpected equipment breakdowns >>

Water treatment solutions

Owatec’s flotation-based technologies are an effective manner of separating solid waste and other contaminants from waste water >>


Have you ever written off a machine due to replacement parts no longer being available? Not only is that a great shame and a costly decision, it’s usually unnecessary >>


Energy conservation is a key factor in achieving sustainable manufacturing and helps you meet your environmental targets. And don’t forget that it’ll save you money >>

Asset Efficiency Optimisation

We can help you improve your OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) by actively focusing on key performance indicators. To do so, it is essential that you determine which KPIs are most important to you >>