Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is all about smart maintenance planning and preventing unexpected equipment breakdowns. For this purpose, we focus on the lifespan of the equipment, increased factory safety, fewer accidents, reduction of negative environmental impact and optimised handling of spare parts.

By studying historical and current measurement data, we are able to detect defects and issues and predict when components will fail.

This data -which can be further boosted by adding sensors and IoT devices- can then be compiled, converted and meticulously analysed to produce valuable management information. Based on identified discrepancies in performance and/or value, we will then schedule timely maintenance and/or repair at a time convenient to you.

One vital factor is finding a way to condense operations and maintenance into a single team: a neutral source of timely data that both departments can use together to resolve and prevent breakdowns and defects in your equipment. By using the same real-time data that is available to everyone, we are able to identify the patterns behind recurring breakdowns, removing the need to look for a source of human failure.

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