Asset Efficiency Optimisation

We can help you improve your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by actively focusing on key performance indicators. The first thing to do is to determine which KPIs are most important to you, based on which we can carefully investigate a suitable maintenance strategy for your situation. We do this based on best practices and also make comparisons with results from similar sectors.

We base this strategy on preventive and predictive maintenance as much as possible as this prevents delays, unplanned downtime and accidents. In addition, it enables you to make structural savings on your maintenance costs.

As part of the maintenance strategy, we inventory all of your critical assets and plan maintenance measures for each of them. You therefore know in advance what services we will provide in order to improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This also includes the lubrication programme that we provide in collaboration with our partner SKF.

We also make use of all available asset information generated by sensors etc. to enable comparison of measurement data, based on which we can adjust and optimise the maintenance strategy in line with any fluctuating machine performance.

Of course, to the greatest extent possible, we try to conduct the maintenance during moments at which the machine is not required to function, e.g. during a scheduled turnaround. In all cases, we strive to keep the necessary downtime to an absolute minimum.

Using Asset Efficiency Optimisation to minimise operating costs and maximise returns is a constant improvement process consisting of the following five steps: Strategise, Identify, Control, Execute & Optimise. This is an ongoing process that enables maximum ROI from your maintenance spend.

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