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Rotary Industry Group Cookie Policy

(Rotary Equipment Service BV and Rotary Trading Service BV)


What is a cookie?
Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small and simple file sent by pages on this website and stored on your computer’s hard drive by the browser. In the event that you visit our website again, this information can be sent back to our servers. If you do not accept cookies, then we will use only the cookies that are essential to enable our website to function correctly.

Use of session cookies
On this website, we also make use of session cookies. Session cookies are functional cookies that ensure the website functions properly as well as giving us insight into how visitors use our website and which pages they view. We can then use this information to optimise and adjust our visitors’ browsing behaviour. These session cookies are automatically deleted upon closure of your browser.

Use of advertising/tracking cookies
Our website also makes use of tracking cookies. The purpose of tracking cookies is to collect information about visitors and/or their browsing behaviour. For example, an advertising network could place a tracking cookie onto a visitor’s computer that is recognised by other websites (e.g. if a certain code is incorporated into them or if they are part of this advertising network), enabling ‘personalised’ and targeted ads to be displayed on websites that the visitor views after visiting the original website. The profile that is created is not traceable to your name, address, e-mail address or other such identifying data. Our website uses the following cookies:

This function verifies that a message is being sent by a person in order to prevent misuse, such as spambots automatically sending messages or leaving comments. The visitor’s IP address and possibly other data is required in order to enable Google reCAPTCHA to function.

Google Tag Manager:
Google Tag Manager is a tool that makes our website tags more effective by adding a small snippet of code and allows us to manage everything via a web interface. Google Tag Manager has been designed to meet our specific tag needs and it works with both Google and non-Google website tags.

Social media
On our website, you can find social media buttons to promote (‘like’) or share web pages via Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram. These buttons function via small snippets of code sent by these social media networks and cookies are placed on your computer via this code. We have no control over this. To find out how these websites process the personal and other data obtained via these cookies, read the privacy policy of Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest en Instagram. These privacy policies may differ from our cookie statement.

Google Analytics
When visiting our website, a cookie by the American company Google will be placed on your computer as part of the Google Analytics service. This will allow us to monitor how users use the website and gauge the effectiveness of the AdWords adverts on Google search engine pages. This information, together with your IP address, will be sent to Google who will store it on US-based servers. For more information, see Google’s privacy policy Here, you can also find the Google Analytics privacy policy. Google uses this information to monitor how our website is used, to create reports about the website and to provide its advertisers with information about the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google can provide this data to third parties in the event that Google is legally required to do so or insofar as Google engages these third parties to process the data on Google’s behalf. We have no control over this. We have concluded a processing agreement with Google that prohibits Google from using the analytics data it obtains for other Google services. This information will be anonymised to the greatest extent possible. We have not requested that Google hide your IP address. If you do not want data to be obtained via Google Analytics on our website or other websites, then one way to block Google Analytics is to install this browser plug-in.

Removing cookies
If you do not wish cookies to be installed, then you can switch off this functionality in your browser settings. For information on this matter, consult your browser’s help function and/or view your browser settings.

You can read our privacy statement here.