Operational life cycle of assets

Have you ever written off a machine due to replacement parts no longer being available?
Not only is that a great shame and a costly decision, it’s usually unnecessary!

Machines are valuable and pumps are no exception. In practice, we find that pumps often still function effectively, although due to changing circumstances, they no longer fit with the operational window, which can create problematic pressure, flow and temperature issues. This certainly doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a new pump, as there’s a good chance we can upgrade it via re-engineering and adding new parts to give it many more years of service.

We can almost always provide the required spare parts relatively quickly and extend the operational life cycle of your valuable assets. If the component in question is unexpectedly not in stock, then we can order it for you via our network of partners. And if we can’t find it in this network, then we’ll simply make one for you! All of the parts we manufacture are 100% identical to the originals.

Upgrading and rerating pumps and …

Via our OEM partners, we can offer re-engineering services for pumps, pump components and pump systems. We provide solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries and offer a broad range of pump types.

By using advanced equipment and engineering expertise, we can provide components that meet all applicable material specifications and are compatible with very latest technology. Any performance-boosting improvements will be immediately incorporated in order to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs.

We can upgrade your assets based on the currently required operating window. As a result, many pumps don’t need to be replaced as we can make them fit for purpose again. This saves you money on engineering and project costs, adjustments to piping, installation of the pump and spare parts.

In our case studies, you can find detailed information on our ‘full life cycle programme’.

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