Bubble Generator

Regular pumps don’t like to pump air, but our in-house team specifically designed our unique Bubble Generator to do exactly that. It is effectively a pump with an inbuilt compressor, which makes the unit compacter and substantially less vulnerable to breakdowns than two separate devices.

We have a complete range of KTM pumps for mixing and dissolving gaseous products into fluids. All of the models function identically, although they differ in terms of performance (quantity of water and air flow rate).

The KTM Micro Bubble Generator is used in a multitude of sectors. Large water purification plants are particularly frequent users of this equipment as it is an effective and sustainable way to improve water quality. The contaminants bond with the air bubbles in the water, which causes them to float to the surface for easy removal. The generator can therefore be used as an extra purification process for waste water, although countless other applications are possible. Bubbles enable extremely effective and environmentally friendly purification of contaminated well water or other water, and in the heavy industry sector, the pumps are used to remove chemicals, sediment, algae, etc. The KTM Micro Bubble Generator can also be used for desalination and has proven its remote osmosis capabilities all around the globe.

If you would like to see the KTM Bubble Generator in action yourself, we have a plug & play test unit available for testing purposes. Naturally, we would be happy to talk to you and explore which KTM pump would be optimally suited to your situation.

You can also download the PDF or visit our separate product website at  www.ktmbubblegenerator.com

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