Water treatment solutions


Owatec’s flotation-based technologies are an effective manner of separating solid waste and other contaminants from waste water. With an OwaKTM pump, the microbubbles required for flotation can be created easily and everywhere without dispersion water systems or adding clean water.

The use of multiphase technology allows us to add other gases (such as oxygen and ozone) to the water instead of air and in addition to the microbubbles, which enables effective oxidisation during the water decontamination process.

Water purification can be improved by adding an electric cell (OwaEF), resulting in electroflotation. Electroflotation is used for purification methods such as COD/BOD and for oxidising disinfected water. OwaEF is extremely effective in salt water with a high level of electrical conductivity. Electrochemical oxidation reduces the amount of chemicals required for flotation, which lessens the environmental impact of the processes.

OwaDAF and OwaEF units are available in two sizes with a maximum capacity of 100m3/h and 300m3/h. However, the actual maximum capacity is always dependent on the quality of the water to be treated. The treatment of the separated sludge can be continued by channelling it to the OwaGtube.



OwaMobile is always designed and built in accordance with the client’s wishes. It is a shipping container with a built-in spill pallet in which chemicals are prepared, stored and released. A pipe reactor is installed on the container wall to enable controlled mixing of chemicals with the water that is being purified. Depending on the entity, a process control unit can also be installed in the container to enable both remote and on-site control of the entire process.

In typical waste water treatment processes, acids or bases are added to the water stream to achieve the right pH level before adding precipitation chemicals to separate the contaminants. You can also incorporate automatic pH control and chemical dosing into OwaMobile to control factors such as turbidity or flow and ensure the dosing is always at the required level. You can also add gases such as air, oxygen or ozone to the water by using an OwaKTM pump and a gas generator.

In our testing laboratory, we always conduct case-by-case tests to determine your needs and optimise your water purification process.

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