In addition to providing premium-quality mechanical seals, the Rotary Industry Group in Brielle also specialises in renovating seals in our own workshop.

We renovate not only our own-brand mechanical seals but every other brand out there. Over the years, we have built up extensive experience in this specialist field and our clients value our quick response time and flexible service. Our craftsmanship is reflected by the accurate initial and final inspections focusing on dimensions, flatness and tightness. We provide advice on how to improve seals, pumps, equipment and seal installations. We carry out renovation work in accordance with our seal renovation procedure, so you always know what the work will cost.

For every repair, we compile an inspection report complete with detailed photos, as a clear and effective report can serve as a guideline for effective future maintenance. Our specially developed database allows us to identify trends that we can translate into targeted advice on improving your seal performance. This gives you greater insight into how and when mechanical seals fail, which in turn allows you to manage the associated costs.

We use a self-developed web-based tracking and reporting system in order to monitor and record seal failure trends. You can log in to this system using a code in order to view the status of repairs. The system gives you a complete overview of all seal reports, failure frequencies, histories and causes. In addition to the top 10 bad actors, we indicate trends and make improvement plans, which we subsequently monitor. This service is available to our regular customers and gives you a clear picture of all necessary maintenance and costs relating to the mechanical seals.

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