Seals, seals and more seals!

We supply so many different types of seal that it’s practically impossible to name them all. Examples include:

Single and multispring seals, unique designs for special applications and various replacement seals. Bellow seals for elastomer, PTFE and metal bellows. Cartridge seals, single, tandem, double cartridge, pusher type, bellow type. ANSI, DIN24960 and API 682. Split seals, single and double cartridge split seals. Split seals for pumps and mixers. Gas lubricated seals, non-contacting seals for pumps and compressors. Tandem and double arrangement. Single, double and tandem mixer seals. With or without bearings. For top, bottom and site-entering mixers. Radial seals for fans, water turbines and various other types of turbines. Seal supply units, seal reservoirs API 52, 53. Gas supply units, seal monitoring systems. Bearing isolators for applications such as oil, grease and powder seals. These seals protect bearings in pumps, gearboxes, engines, turbines, screw conveyors and rotary valves.

In short, far too many to mention here, but all of them have a particular application and specifications. Need seals? Call our sales department!