Welkom bij Rotary industrie

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Rotary Trading Company (RTC)

Specialist in mechanical seals, various types of valve and pumps for all applications in a wide variety of sectors. We renovate all brands and models of mechanical seals and use our online tracking and reporting system to closely monitor seal-failure trends, enabling us to issue proactive advice.

RTC offers a variety of revolutionary solutions in the fields of energy, sustainability, IIoT and Advanced Solutions

Rotary Equipment Service (RES)

We renovate and maintain all brands and models of pumps, turbines, mixers and fans. It’s what we do!

Our machining experts can rapidly produce a wide range of complex components and spare parts via reverse engineering.
We do everything on location: primary maintenance, turnarounds, lubrication maintenance.

Corrective, preventive and predictive: Advanced Solutions.


Our professionals possess all-round practical experience in the field of rotating equipment. We work with a modern system, the best materials and components, and of course, we consistently log all information to make it available at all times both to you and the specialists at your service.